A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words… And It Saves Trees (Denver Colorado Real Estate Goes Green)


Perry & Co. Real Estate Professionals of Denver, Colorado is launching not one, but two, cutting edge real estate technologies heading into The National Open House Weekend that also fall into the environmentally friendly, aka “Green,” category.

Perry & Co. is changing the way consumers get real estate information by providing property details instantly, through a Quick Response (“QR”) Code, powered by ScanLife, or through our Text Messaging Service, powered by KWKLY.

It is common for a potential Buyer to be driving through a neighborhood looking at “For Sale” signs sitting in front of houses. The Buyer pulls over and walks up to the sign to get a paper flyer that has the listing price, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, etc. Often times, the flyer gets thrown away and is of no use after being picked up. Now with the Perry & Co. Green technology initiatives, buyers can get all the information they want with a simple photo of a QR EZCode or by texting the word “NOW” to 59559. Either method will provide the Buyer with instant property information on a cell phone.

No more printing expensive paper flyers that sit in a brochure box; no need for the buyer to rush home and look up the property information from an address they jotted down on a loose piece of paper in their car. It truly is as simple as taking a photo of the Perry & Co QR EZCode or sending a text message from your cell phone.  All the information you need comes to you while you are still sitting in front of the house you’re interested in.

These new technologies not only give buyers instant information, but also assures sellers that their virtual “brochure boxes” will never be empty and the potential buyer of their home can get all of the current listing information within seconds. The great thing about the Perry & Co. KWKLY Text Messaging Service is that it can be used on any property For Sale, not just Perry & Co. properties.

These revolutionary technologies will change the way real estate professionals market homes, and how buyers and sellers choose their Realtor.

So next time you are buying a home help out Mother Earth – take a photo and save a tree.

Click here to see the full list of this weekend’s Metro Denver Open Houses on DenverPost.com.

Written By Perry & Co. Managing Broker Heather Parness.

5 Responses to “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words… And It Saves Trees (Denver Colorado Real Estate Goes Green)”

  1. The Perry & Co. yardsign was featured in this Nokia article on QR Code usage: http://conversations.nokia.com/2011/07/11/the-resurgence-of-qr-codes/
    “A simple code combined with a mobile-focused website brings instant relevance to data-hungry in a cost-effective way for publishers, businesses and anyone wanting to get a message out.”

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