Any idea what DCIS, DSA, DSST, or TJ mean?  Would you like to do the IB@GW or do AP at East? (See below for answer key.)
If you’re a parent in Denver Public Schools odds are you do know these shortened versions of some of Denver’s most popular school choices and that can come in handy.

Today was Denver Public Schools first official day back in the classroom after winter break. The day was marked not only by extra traffic, and more photo radar vans on the road, but also the beginning of the Open Choice Season in DPS. Denver Public Schools offers a wide variety of neighborhood, magnet, and charter schools to its resident students. With those options, if space allows, families have the chance to “Choice In” to a school outside of their neighborhood boundaries and into a school that fits their goals and children’s needs best. So while its back to reading, writing and arithmetic for the students this week, many Denver parents will be trying to make sense of all they’ve learned at the Fall Open House events they’ve attended and make a choice as to which elementary, middle or high school is the best fit for their child for the coming 2011-2012 school year.

Sometimes the process is a bit daunting”, says Kim Kouba, real estate agent with Denver’s Perry & Co. Real Estate Professionals and mother of three, “There are so many choices in size, curriculum and teaching philosophies, that it sometimes takes a bit of work to find the best fit for your child. The good news is that there are choices, and lots of resources to compare the schools. Most schools also offer walking tours and a chance for your student to ‘shadow’ another on a regular school day. My best advice is to get in the building and get to know that frontdesk receptionist!”

Click here for more information on Denver Public Schools’ Choice Program

Check your DPS IQ:
DCIS = Denver Center for International Studies
DSA = Denver School of the Arts
DSST = Denver School of Science & Technology
TJ = Thomas Jefferson High School
IB@GW = International Baccalaureate Program at George Washington High School 

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