Perry & Co. Real Estate Professioanls, Denver, CO - perryandco.comThe business of real estate is changing rapidly.  Obviously the internet and the current global economic situation have had a huge impact on every business.  Consumers are much more informed, and, they can get the information they want at their leisure.  However, today’s online consumer is also inherently impatient – rightly so.  If you can’t deliver the service they desire in a timely manner (within minutes) than they will find someone who can.  Needless to say, they can find that other person in mere minutes.  Service today is defined by instant gratification. 


To that end, Perry & Co. established its “Internet Lead Team.”  Most real estate companies have a system for addressing internet leads but we think ours’ is unique.  Most of our competitors’ systems rely on handing the lead down an assigned chain.  Such that if the first person in the chain doesn’t respond in 10 minutes, the lead gets handed to the next person in line, and so on and so on.  When a lead comes though the Perry & Co. system, a text message gets sent to all the members of our Internet Lead Team.  The first respondent receives the lead.  On average, five agents respond to the lead notification text message within 30 seconds.  Thus the consumer is responded to regularly within two minutes of submitting a request.  This response comes from a licensed Perry & Co. real estate professional, not some third party virtual assistant who is contracted to incubate leads.


The Perry & Co. Internet Lead Team is committed to the following principles: To always have their email enabled SmartPhone on their persons, and to responding to any lead within minutes – no excuses. The Perry & Co. Internet Lead Team members are: Claire Averill, Carla Bartell, Dave Browning, Michele Brumelle, Brad Colburn, Gina Cornelison, Brooke Granville, Kim Hutchins, Corrie Lee, Katie Nicholson Millice, Tammy Phillips, Courtney Ranson, Mary Sullivan-Ridge & Peggy White.  The members of this team are specialists in utilizing the latest technologies available to today’s real estate professional.


Don’t misunderstand us, the business of real estate is still all about relationships.  But how people foster and cultivate those relationships has changed dramatically.  Rest assured that we recognize that behind every internet lead is a human being who is asking for service.  At Perry & Co. we are committed to providing a unique customer experience, one which emphasizes extraordinary service.



Written by Perry & Co Vice President Jon Larrance

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