With all the negative news about the economy, I thought I’d write about something positive.  If you’re reading this, well, there’s a positive right there!  Another positive is the Denver real estate market is by far outperforming other cities.  Living in Colorado will always be appealing, and I’m going to go out on a limb and say more people would rather live in Denver then say, Dayton, Ohio.


My roundabout point is that in the past four years, the population of Colorado has grown, and the more people who move to an area, the better for a housing market.  U-Haul recently released an interesting statistic that more trucks are headed in-bound to our state than anywhere in the country, which raises a fascinating question.  U-Haul releases statistics?  Apparently so. 


There are a number of other stats that point to now being a good time to buy in Denver, but if guys like Greenspan and Paulson can’t predict the future, neither can I.  If you’re trying to time the bottom of a market, best wishes.


I know there are buyer’s out there, because I’m showing properties, and here’s a fun story.  If you haven’t seen the movie “Funny Farm” with Chevy Chase, you don’t need to, because I’ve seen it and there’s only one funny part.  Chevy Chase is trying to sell his farm and is so desperate to sell he says, “Cue the deer,” and releases a couple of Bambis so they’ll run out in front of the buyers to enhance the bucolic setting.  When showing to a young couple last week there were deer at two of my showings.  Maybe there are some desperate sellers out there, but maybe that means it’s a good time to buy too.


Written by Perry & Co. Real Estate agent Dave Browning. 

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