pc0_pms_med_internet1“Global Realtor Screening” is a term that Perry & Co. coined recently which means that whether you, or someone you know, is moving from New York to Aspen, or to Maui or even Athens (Greece), we have the expertise and the connections to find you a reputable Realtor to help you buy, or sell, a home anywhere in the world.  Because of this, our agents often refer to themselves as “Global Realtors.”  This attitude reflects the view that all global economies are interconnected, and “Global Realtors” pride themselves on their knowledge of real estate markets worldwide.  In fact, Perry & Co has a Global Property Search built right into our website perryandco.com.  Through advances in telephone communications, as well as, online networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, Perry & Co agents have formed relationships with trusted Realtors all over the planet. 


whoswho_logoThere is another key that facilitates Perry & Co’s interconnectedness, and that is our associations within the Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate Board of Regents exclusive networks.  As stated in the earlier blog, Perry & Co = International Exposure, “Perry & Company works hard getting to know the other Regent companies personally, in order that we can refer a client moving to another city to them with the assurance that they will be treated with the same level of integrity and professionalism that we’ve built our own reputation on.”


We’re specialists in Metro Denver real estate, but when you are thinking about buying or selling property anywhere else in the world, let us introduce you to the specialist in your new destination – that’s Global Realtor Screening.


Written by Perry & Co Vice President Jon Larrance.

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