new-sign-17Although “Location, Location, Location” is still crucial in today’s ever-changing real estate climate, Perry & Co. thinks the word Opportunity more accurately describes the situation we have in front of us.


1. Opportunity: Obviously, there are amazing deals on real estate available to your Buyers.  Prices are down and sellers are getting increasingly desperate.  Now is the time to move investment money away from the stock market and into real estate.  Enough said.


2. Opportunity: This is the perfect time for real estate professionals to increase their real estate portfolios.  With all the foreclosures, the rental market is on the upswing.  Put your existing equity to work for you.  If you can pull together a down payment and cash flow a new property for the next five years, then you have a no-brainer – especially if you are concerned that the Stimulus plan will create high inflation, by buying now when interest rates are down, you will benefit greater from an increasing property value through inflation. 


Perry & Co. Real Estate Professionals, Denver, CO - perryandco.com3. Opportunity: When other real estate companies are busy down-sizing and letting go of all but their top producers, Perry & Co. is encouraging expansion.  We’ve been selective, and thus have saved a few open desks for this transitional time of year. As always, we are seeking career Broker Associates who are interested in making a move to a traditional boutique real estate company.  Perry & Co. is “A Denver Tradition” – a history dating back to 1971 – we currently have three offices and the same independent ownership since first opening our doors almost four decades ago. Nevertheless, we are technologically savvy, Perry & Co launched its first website ( in 1996.  Today Perry & Co. boasts an in-house intranet, blogsite, Exchange Server, Blackberry Server, VPN/Terminal Server, and a fully unified messaging system.  Our exclusive membership on the Board of Regents for Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate is also something we are quite proud of.


Big business real estate companies are falling by the wayside.  Hobbyist real estate agents are turning to other past-times and letting their real estate licenses lapse.  Once again, the public is turning to seasoned real estate professionals to help them navigate these troubled waters.  The time is now to be that trusted source for all things real estate.  Don’t wait until after January 1st to act.  Interest rates may not drop any lower.  Call everyone you know and tell them about all the amazing opportunities available in real estate right now. Also, if you position yourself through blogging, social networking and other relationship marketing strategies, you will be another step ahead of your competition when the market does turn around.  Lastly, call Perry & Co. to learn more about all we have to offer you.



Written by Perry & Co Vice President Jon Larrance

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