To Whom It May Concern:


Corrie LeeWe are writing this letter in regards to the experience we had with your agent Corrie Lee.  We have never felt more compelled to write a letter of commendation to a company — for any reason — then we are for the service Corrie has provided us with.  We cannot remember a time when we have ever had the pleasure to work with such a remarkable professional. 


We retained Corrie as our agent to both help sell our home in Congress Park, as well as search for a new home in one of the potential neighborhoods we were considering.  Corrie showed us in excess of 50 homes spanning over a year until we found the right place.  She was always courteous, patient, and perhaps most importantly, Corrie took to the time to truly understand the type of home we wanted. 


Simultaneous to our new home search, we were of course working on getting our old house on the market.  Corrie was very clear and helpful in her recommendations on what we needed to do to prepare our home for sale.  When the offer came in, Corrie spent considerable time with us explaining the offer and the options to make a counter-offer.  We ultimately agreed upon a price that we were comfortable with. 


We will never forget the day of closing on our old house.  Our cleaning lady was supposed to clean up the house on the day of the sale, but failed to show up, and the house was a mess.  Corrie had discovered this when she inspected the house just before the buyers were coming over for their walk through.  After calling us with this news, she actually rolled up her sleeves and helped us clean the entire house in less than an hour.  We were so very grateful for her help, and having a clean house most certainly had a positive impact on the overall closing process.


Perhaps the most important part of our experience was with the work Corrie did on the contingent offer for our new home.  The house we finally decided to make an offer on was actually in the process of being flipped by another real estate agent/owner and a general contractor.  This house possessed all of the characteristics that were critical for us (which we were clear on now thanks to Corrie’s help).  It was the right layout, the right size, the right neighborhood, the right school, etc. 


However, the house was in a terrible condition, and had gone through a partial demolition before we were in a position to offer on the house.  Rather than give up due to bad timing, Corrie managed to negotiate a situation such that we would buy the house at an agreed upon price, the contractor would continue the work, but we would be able to pick out every finish and detail that would be completed to our own specifications. 


Now as they say, the devil was in the details, and the level of scrutiny needed to complete the offer paperwork was unlike anything we had ever heard of.  The work would have to be completed as we wanted it, there needed to be timelines, extreme details mapped out, penalties if work was not meant, etc. to make sure we were protected in every conceivable scenario.  This involved an immense amount of effort, and there was every reason in the world that something would not work out. 


Fortunately for us, Corrie went into battle with both guns blazing and worked out a sales offer, as well as a subsequent builder’s warranty to make sure we were covered.  Corrie’s thorough follow up with all the parties involved ensured the deal would work out in the end.  We have had some post-close issues pop up, which Corrie has yet again gone above and beyond any reasonable expectations to help sort things out.  She continues to help us any time we need her.


Perry & Co. Real Estate Professionals, Denver, CO - perryandco.comAs you can hopefully surmise, Corrie is an incredible asset to your company.  Not only does she represent the best in a real estate agent, but she has redefined a new standard by which all agents should strive to achieve.  We have never encountered any professional, in any industry, that showed such professionalism, impossibly high work ethic, and the ability to meet our every need.  Corrie was an absolute pleasure to work with.


It is not possible to express the words to adequately convey our feelings, or give a high enough recommendation of Corrie to anyone.  We certainly could not imagine going through any future real estate deal without her.  Please feel free to share the content of this letter as you see fit, and we would be more than happy to provide additional reference for Corrie in any capacity.  Thank you for your time, and please express our gratitude to Corrie for an amazing job!



Scott & Heather Witsoe

Denver, CO

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