Perry & Co. Real Estate Professionals, Denver, CO - perryandco.comPerry & Co. Vice President Jon Larrance will be joining Jim Walberg of Caribbean Islands Realty, Michael Marquette of Marquette Turner in Australia, and Bruce Hiatt of Las Vegas’ Luxury Realty Group on a panel moderated by Victor Lund of the WAV Group to discuss “The Power of Social Networking: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogging Tactics of Top Luxury Professionals” at the upcoming 7th Annual Luxury Real Estate Spring Retreat.


Those familiar with real estate blogs will know Jim Walberg as the guru of, not only, Caribbean fractionals but luxury real estate in general.  Jim was an active blogger before most of us had ever heard the word “blog“. 


Bruce Hiatt is an expert at using all the tools that the internet has to offer a real estate company and agent.  In fact, Bruce directly attributes over 30% of Luxury Realty Group’s total sales to their blogsite alone. 


Michael Marquette is recognized the world over due to his vast reaching usage of social networking platforms.  With its innovative news and information sourcing, the Marquette Turner website boasts of being the “number one visited luxury real estate website in Australia”. 


Jon Larrance of Perry & Co.Jon Larrance‘s special interest lies in exploiting the practical business applications inherent in everyday internet functions.  Jon is an active blogger, fan of Web 2.0, and has made it his personal mission to get all Perry & Co. Agents adept in at least one social networking platform.  Although Jon is a licensed Realtor, he often gets more pleasure from teaching than from selling.  Click here to read Jon’s latest blog on Social Networking For Real Estate Professionals.


Victor Lund is known for his in-depth analyses of what technology it takes to succeed in luxury real estate.  Victor’s articles on the topic are often featured in the much revered Inman News.  Victor has undertaken the arduous task of keeping the discussion panel within the hour allotted on Tuesday, April 29, 2009, 10:30am, at the Four Seasons Hotel, Las Vegas.


Member of Who's Who in Luxury Real EstateLuxury Real Estate is an international network with more than 60 countries representing the finest residential luxury estates and property brokerages in the world.  Each selected member has been recognized as a leader in the marketing of distinctive and luxury properties, committed to high performance, professionalism and quality service.


Here is a sample of possible panel discussion points:
1.  What Social Networks do you use?  Discuss how your audience changes in each network. 
2.  Explain in a few minutes how social networking is integrated into your marketing strategy and positioning of your service and your company. 
3.  How is your primary website used in your social networking strategy?
4.  How do you engage agents in your brokerage to extend the voice of your personal and company social networking?
5.  How do you integrate training into your social networking?
6.  Talking vs. contributing – what is the balance between publishing, listening and commenting?
7.  How do you integrate other devices and software into your social networking to increase effectiveness?


The panel invites you to follow the discussion through Twitter.
Luxury Real Estate – luxurylounge
Victor Lund – victorlund

Jon Larrance – perryandco

Jim Walberg – jimwalbeg

Bruce Hiatt – luxuryrealtygrp

Michael Marquette – mmarquette


UPDATE TO POST (5/8/09) – Here are some of the hot Tips For Realtors discussed on 4/28:

The Power of Social Networking For Real Estate Professionals: Facebook & LinkedIn Tips
Blogging Tips

Twitter Tips


Written by Perry & Co Real Estate Professionals, Denver, CO

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