Denver Building Department Waives Renovation Permit Fees!


Perry & Co. Real Estate Professionals, Denver, CO - perryandco.comThe Denver Building Department has announced it’s “Home Renovation Bonanza” in order to encourage homeowners to improve their properties and stay in their current homes longer by waiving construction permit fees. 

Now is the time to get busy on those summer projects!  For a limited time, June 1 – 15, 2009, Denver is issuing FREE construction permits to homeowners, and licensed contractors, for qualified home improvements or repairs to existing one and two family dwellings, which can increase the value of the home.  In order to benefit from the free permits, you must submit your plans for review no later than the June 15th deadline.  Like all Denver renovation permits, you must complete the work within 180 days of issuance or be required to reapply at the standard permit rates.

Denver residents get 291 free building permits halfway through 2-week program!

A variety of home improvements are covered by the Home Renovation Bonanza, including:

  • Interior Remodeling such as Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, or Basement Remodeling.
  • Roof Covering Repair or Replacement.
  • Replacement of water heaters and central heating and air systems.
  • Exterior Remodeling such as Stucco or Siding.
  • Insulation.

Check out the Denver Building Department website for more info on the Home Renovation Bonanza and what type of work qualifies. 

For expert advice on the anticipated return value of home improvements please contact your Perry & Co. Agent.

One Response to “Denver Building Department Waives Renovation Permit Fees!”

  1. 1 Home Remodeling Guide

    This is great news Denver, as obtaining a construction permit can be costly and usually takes a while until it is approved.

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