To whom it may concern,
I would like to commend to you my realtor, Carla Bartell, share with you my recent experiences with her in selling my house, and recount what a pleasure it was working with her.

As a physician I frequently tell my patients they should seek three important qualities in a provider: Competence, approachability and judgment. All three of these qualities excelled in Carla.

Carla BartellHer competence was outstanding. I found Carla consistently knowledgeable in all aspects of readying the house for market, placing it on the market and negotiating a price. She consistently guided me through the myriad of paperwork and signatures, explaining to me the purpose of each one, and making the process convenient by providing the necessary forms and methods of signature via computer. She aided me in pricing the house, and provided multiple suggestions to maximize the probability of selling the property at a reasonable price. When tasks required completion, such as cleaning or fireplace repair, she not only provided a list of competent services, but also called the vendors, arranged the work, and personally reviewed the results and reported back to me. Needless to say, the process here was virtually effortless form from my viewpoint, allowing me to proceed with my own busy day unimpaired.

Carla’s approachability was outstanding. She was always friendly, smart and immediately available whenever a question .arose. I received frequent updates on the progress of the viewings.

Perry & Co. Real Estate Professionals, Denver, CO - perryandco.comFinally, I believe an important quality in this transaction, was Carla’s judgment. Throughout the process of negotiation, I frequently found myself asking Carla, “What would you suggest?” Her recommendations were consistently accurate. As an example of her extra effort and judgment, at one point during the appraisal, Carla had me document a list of all property improvements I had made, and then personally met the appraiser during his visit to the property to accompanying him during the appraisal and be certain all the improvements were noted. I am convinced efforts like these played a critical role in the success of the selling the property.

In summary, then, I cannot commend Carla highly enough to you. She is a competent, hard-working, knowledgeable, pleasant and available agent, and I am convinced her judgment, competence and consistent hard work were critical factors in the success of selling my property.

Sincerely yours,
Bruce Morgenstern, MD

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