This informative video from talks about all of the options available to someone who is currently spending more than 31% of their pre-tax income on their monthly home mortgage payment.

For many homeowners a Loan Modification will be the best option all the way around. Click here to find out if you may be eligible. But before contacting your lender you will need to assemble the following documents:

  • Your most recent Tax Return
  • A completed 4506T-EZ Form
  • Your 2 most recent Pay Stubs
  • Your W-2(s)
  • Your Monthly Mortgage (and Second Mortgage) Statements
  • An Explanation of Your Hardship
  • Request For Modification & Affidavit Form

After getting this all together visit, which will provide you with detailed information about these programs along with self-assessment tools and calculators to empower borrowers with the resources they need to determine whether they might be eligible for a modification or a refinance under the Administration’s TARP program.

It’s well worth the time to save your home.

In November 2009, the National Association of Realtors inacted the SFR Designation for Realtors.  SFR (Short Sales & Foreclosure Resource) Certified real estate agents are specially trained to be Resource Consultants to homeowners who may find themselves in jeopardy.  Three Perry & Co. agents have already been granted the SFR Designation, they are Eric Grauberger, Derek Rinetti & Jon Larrance.  Please don’t be afraid to call one of them, or any Perry & Co. agent, to learn about the options available to you for saving your home.

Additionally here is a great resource to check out:

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