To whom it may concern,
We located Kirk Hartshorn as a real estate sales agent through the web. He responded by e-mail to our request for information.

As non-residents of Colorado, we faced the inconvenience of refurbishing and selling a small Townhouse in Aurora, Colorado. It was important to us to complete the sale while spending the least possible amount of time in Aurora. We were pleased with Kirk‘s optimistic response as he first viewed the property under improvement and when renovation was completed. Through Kirk’s service, we were able to attend to the many details of sale from afar by frequent timely telephone and e-mail contacts.

With Kirk‘s advice, we priced the unit realistically to sell in the current depressed market. In fact, it was on the market only one day, sold to a neighboring property owner in response to the Perry & Co. For Sale sign.

We were able to close the transaction conveniently from our distant location without any problems. We appreciated Kirk‘s valued service in this transaction.

R.P. Reed

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