Denver Colorado Realtor® Kim Kouba of Perry & Co. decided she wanted to connect with her clients, friends and neighbors face-to-face as well as through direct mail and social media, so she decided to host a series of complimentary workshops on topics that she’s interested in. The workshop was hosted at the Stapleton Master Community Association Center on E. 28th street in the heart of Stapleton’s town center and sponsored by Kim, and fellow Stapleton resident, Ben Gehde of Affiliated Financial Group and Lorrie Webb Grillo, Thriving Spaces Feng Shui.

I like to learn new things in an informal, fun setting – so I was hoping that clients, friends and neighbors would, too,” said Kouba at her latest workshop introducing Feng Shui.

The workshop featured an introduction to Feng Shui focusing on practical tools people could use right away to change the energy in their homes. In order to give participants a chance to better understand objects that hold the energy of Feng Shui’s five elements, Kim Kouba put together vignettes for each of the elements using her own vintage furniture and accessories. “I love to be able to give people a chance to experience beautiful things by seeing and touching them, plus I love to make-up the vignettes,” Kim says. Her love of vintage objects comes from her years of managing her well-known Sweet William Market, a popular street-fair, art and vintage market that runs throughout the summer months on the last Saturday from May to September. “I shop as much as manage the market! My vendors love me,” Kouba adds.

After learning about Feng Shui, participants were asked to share their new knowledge and help balance their own rooms – since they sent in digital photos of their spaces. In addition, photos of designer-type spaces were critiqued by the group – giving them a chance to identify the elements and make suggestions on how to balance them.

Lorrie Webb Grillo, Certified Practitioner of Essential Feng Shui® ran the workshop and donated a 2 hour consultation as a door prize to one of the participants. Grillo also works as the Director of Marketing of Perry & Co. Real Estate Professionals. “Doing this workshop with Kim is a perfect way to support her marketing efforts and bring something of value to her clients,” said Grillo. “Plus, her vignettes were a fabulous addition to teaching this workshop.”

Contact Kim Kouba at [email protected] if you’d like to attend one of her workshops in the future or Lorrie Webb Grillo at [email protected].com for more information about Feng Shui.

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