Take 60-odd Perry & Co. Denver real estate agents and staff, invite their clients, families and friends, add a hearty buffet of brisket, BBQ chicken, hot dogs, salads, cookies and brownies, mix it all with a rockin’ bluegrass band named “Missed The Boat“, sprinkle with a touch of rain (to cool it off!) and then serve in the glorious Denver Botanic Gardens with Henry Moore sculptures, and you’ve got yourself the best darn party ever (if we do say so ourselves).

Every year, Perry & Co. Real Estate Professionals hosts a Summer Client Appreciation Party where our agents invite their clients to a special night devoted to them. 2010 marked the company’s 10th annual party.  While the venue has rotated over the years – from the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, the Denver Zoo, and the Four Mile Historic Park – the Botanic Gardens has turned out to the be the favorite spot.

Over 1200 adults (plus hundreds of children) attended this year’s Perry & Co. summer party, but it’s hard to keep track of them all. “We’ve had clients of agents who’ve moved to other real estate companies who contacted us to find a new agent at our company because they still wanted to come to our parties,” says R. Don Larrance, Owner of Perry & Co. “The parties are simply an outgrowth of how important the client relationship is for our agents. They work so hard for their clients; more so in these past two years than ever before, and people appreciate that dedication. I truly believe our agents are the best Realtors in the business.”

The evening was perfect.  Last year we had over 1400 RSVPs but the intense rain kept our actual count under 400, so this year it was great to see so many of our clients turn out despite a little rain,” said Director of Relocation Jon Larrance.

There is a positive vibe that builds as our guests start arriving and that energy just keeps humming all night,” said Lorrie Grillo, Vice President/Marketing of Perry & Co. “It’s magic. This is the 9th party I’ve attended and I never tire of how wonderful this evening feels.”

Perry & Co. has grown during 2010 with 10 new agents and 2 new staff members who participated for the first time this year. They were surprised and thrilled. Here are some of their comments:
   “What a fantastic party tonight, it was beyond my expectations. My clients couldn’t believe the event, nor could I. This evening only further strengthened my decision to join the Perry & Co. team and I couldn’t have been happier with my choice.” – Eric Grauberger

   “My guests were knocked out.  My first thank you came in at 10pm last evening! – Sunny Henderson

   “Just another reminder of why I love working at Perry & Co!  Wonderful job everyone!” – Kirk Hartshorn

   “Perry & Co. knows how to throw a mean party. That was awesome.” – Erin Toll Glover

There was truly something for everyone at this year’s Client Appreciation Party:

  • For botanophiles and olfactionists there was the expansive beauty of the Gardens. 
  • Art lovers were inspired by some classic Henry Moore sculptures. And, the kids were given Play Doh, crayons and paper tablecloths with which to imitate Henry’s masterpieces (on a much smaller scale).
  • Foodies, aka gastronomiques, enjoyed some great barbeque (including veggie burgers) with 3 types of barbeque sauce. 
  • Audiophiles got their grinnin’ from bluegrass specialists, Missed The Boat.
  • There was even a selection of live raptors from always educational people of Hawk Quest. 


Want to be invited to one of our luxurious parties?  If you are a Denver Colorado Metro real estate agent then contact our President Heather Parness about joining our team. If you want to buy or sell a home, it’s easy – use your favorite Perry & Co. agent on your next real estate transaction complete with the best customer service and highest level of advocacy.  If you fall into neither of those categories

Written by Perry & Co Real Estate Professionals, Denver, CO

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