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I’ve noticed that “Dead Battery Locked Hood 996” is an ever-increasingly popular Porsche Tech Q&A search. For that reason I’ve provided detailed instructions in 12 steps on unlocking the lids and jumping the battery with easy to understand pictures to solve this modern Porsche Carrera driver’s dilemma. I believe this applies at least to all 996 911s & Boxsters manufactured 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004.

Please make sure to read through the comments as there have been updates since this was originally published.

It’s inevitable. Like all cars I know, eventually your battery is going to fail. Chances are pretty good that it’s going to fail with the doors locked and your Owner’s Manual inside the glove box. Chances are also pretty good that the Porsche designers responsible for engineering the luggage compartment lid electronic release were oblivious to this eventuality. Seriously, if the battery is dead how good is a electronic release going to be to get battery access. Luckily, they did engineer a way around the problem but it is slightly complicated (“…the lids can only be opened with the aid of a donor battery,” meaning, you must jump your 996 in order to get into the trunks so that you can jump start your 996) – and the Owner’s Manual on the subject is somewhat confusing (besides it’s locked in your glovebox).

Step 1:  Unlock your car using the manual door lock, and leave the key in the door. Be aware that your 996 key is programmed to enter into a remote-control battery saving Standby Mode after five consecutive days of inactivity. To many, this will be confused with having a dead car battery because none of the remotes will unlock the car. In either case, unlock your car using the manual door lock keyhole on the door. If you see lights inside then your issue was the remote-control battery saving Standby Mode. If so, press the key button on your remote to reactivate the remote. You are now good to go. If you don’t see any lights on the inside you in fact probably have a dead battery.

Step 2: With the key still left in the door, remove the plastic cover over the fuse box in the driver’s side foot-well. 

Step 3: Pull out the positive terminal in the lower left of the fuse box (next to the manual rear spoiler rocker switch).

Step 4: Attach the positive red clamp of your jumper cable from your donor battery to the exposed positive terminal in the fuse box. Note: If you are using a donor battery, a minimum of 12 volts is required.  If you are using another car’s battery, now attach the positive red clamp to the positive terminal on that battery.

Step 5: Note: the alarm will sound when you attach the negative black clamp of your jumper cable coming from your booster battery to the exposed door latch striker. Turn the alarm off by locking and unlocking the car at the door lock.

(Note: I found this handy battery jumper at Costco for about $60.)

Step 6: Unlock the rear engine compartment hood using the switch. Although the battery is located in the front luggage compartment (under an additional lid), the terminals for jump-starting the 996 are located in the engine compartment. These terminals are much easier to access than trying to jump the battery directly.

Step 7: Disconnect the negative black jumper clamp first, then the positive red clamp (first from the your 911 then from your booster battery always being careful not to let the two clamps touch – shock danger).

Step 8: Push the positive terminal back into the fuse box and replace the fuse box cover. Turn off all accessories such as stereo, wipers, headlights, etc, move the gear shift into neutral position and set the parking brake before attempting to jump start your 911.

Step 9: Locate the positive (+) and negative (-) jumper terminals inside the rear engine compartment lid.

Update 11/1/10: I discovered that most auxillary jumpers (like the pictured) do not have enough energy to turn over a 911. You best bet is to get a jump from another vehicle as described.

Step 10: Open the cap of the positive terminal and attach the positive red jumper cable clamp.

If you are using another car’s battery as a booster, now attach the positive red clamp to the positive terminal on the booster battery.

Attach the negative black cable first to the booster battery and then to the negative terminal in the Porsche engine compartment.

Step 11: Run the engine of the booster car at a higher RPM and start your Porsche. Any attempts to start your car should not last more than 15 seconds with a waiting period of one minute between attempts.

Step 12: With the engine running, disconnect both jumper cables from both cars in reverse order.

If jump-starting the car did not resolve your problem then you’ll probably need to replace the battery which is located in the Porsche’s front luggage compartment – by now you have access to your Owner’s Manual for complete instructions on replacing your 996 battery (see page 218 of 911 model year 2003′s manual).

Please see additional comments below by PCA 993 & 996 expert, Joel Reiser.

See you down the road.

Written by Perry & Co. Denver Real Estate Professionals’ COO & Director of Relocation Services Jon Larrance.

Like most Perry & Co. agents, I wear many hats in life as a Realtor, Mom and Community Volunteer.  In addition to those hats though, I also am the co-founder of the outdoor vintage and lifestyle market, fondly known to locals, as the Sweet William Market.  I love all things vintage and the thrill of connecting folks with the treasures these artisans and collectors bring to market.  The market is located on the green in my Stapleton neighborhood, every last Saturday of the month, from May through September.  Yet even when it gets cold, I’m making sure that folks know where to get their goodies.  So if you’re not the type to settle for the ordinary or something off the rack, discerning treasure hunters like yourself can find some of the great Sweet William Market crowd at one of my favorite holiday shows.  Surely, the eclectic mix of this season’s trends and one-of-a-kind gifts you’ll find, will hold you over until Sweet William Market’s 2010 season opens in May! 

Kim KoubaHappy Holiday Hunting!  Kim Kouba

This Weekend!

L’Esprit de Noel Holiday Home Tour and Gift Boutique Benefiting the Central City Opera
Nov. 20-Nov. 21 10-4 pm
Stanley British Primary School Gymnasium—320 Quebec St

Be sure to give the home tour a whirl as well.  Sweet William Market is partnering with Moss Pink and showcasing some of their collectors in a one of a kind table top design


Dizzie Izzie and Friends Holiday Open House
Dec. 3rd ,  4:30
9201 E. 33rd Ave-Stapleton

Holiday Handmade Denver’s Alternative Craft Fair
Dec. 4 & 5th 10-4 pm
From the fun folks at Fancy Tiger Crafts and the Denver Handmade Alliance
South Broadway Church
23 Lincoln

Open Studios Holiday Show
Dec. 4-6 and Dec. 11-13, 10-7pm
1685 29th St. Boulder

pc0_pms_med_internet1Our Holiday Help Lists are back!  Save time Google-ing – we’ve provided some links you will find useful in your holiday preparations:

  • Turkey Brine Recipes
  • How to Cook a Thanksgiving Turkey
  • Stuffing Recipes
  • Perfect Mashed Potatoes
  • How To Make Turkey Gravy
  • 91 Brussels Sprout Recipes
  • Thanksgiving Green Beans
  • Traditional Cranberry Sauce
  • Thanksgiving Desserts
  • Holiday Cocktails
  • NFL Football on Thanksgiving
  • Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
  • Denver Thanksgiving Weather Forecast

All of us at Perry & Co. Real Estate Professionals would like to wish you a Happy & Healthy 2009 Thanksgiving!


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Perry & Co. Real Estate Professionals, Denver, CO - perryandco.comDenver’s Perry & Co. Real Estate Professionals held its first quarterly “Company Wide Open House” on Sunday November 8, 2009.  Perry & Co. Agents held open 35 homes in and around the Metro Denver Area.

All-Company Open House, November 8, 2009 - BalloonsLast Sunday’s beautiful fall weekend was the perfect time to host an all-company open house. “We decided to create some buzz by holding all of our listings in central Denver open,” said Heather Parness, Managing Broker of Perry & Co. Every available agent in the company participating in holding the listings open from Lowry to Stoneybrook, Crestmoor to Wash Park. Agents stopped by Perry & Co.’s retail office in Cherry Creek North to pick up their helium balloons to top their open house signs. In addition, the company took out a full page, color ad in the Saturday Denver Post with pictures and information about the homes.

All-Company Open House, November 8, 2009 - 4“Traffic was great – from the signs, balloons and the ad,” said Carla Bartell, Perry & Co. Broker Associate who hosted open her listing in Hilltop. “And, it was great to be able to give my visitors a list of all our open houses to continue their afternoon of looking.”

Thirty-five listings where held open on Sunday, November 8th from 1 – 4 p.m. The date was planned so that it wouldn’t interfere with the Denver Broncos game, which was played on Monday, November 9th. Each listing was featured in a flyer with all the open houses listed on the back so agents could support each other during the event by sending their visitors to neighboring listings.

All-Company Open House, November 8, 2009 - 3This all-company open house was so successful that the company is committed to holding one each quarter in different areas of the city. For information about open houses go to – where we list our open houses each weekend.

Written by Perry & Co. Director of Marketing Lorrie Grillo.

Denver Arts Week bannerDenver’s 2009 art and cultural scene is thriving and about ready to take Center Stage in a weeklong spotlight on Denver’s art scene.  Beginning November 6th through November 14th Visit Denver presents Denver Arts Week. 

More than 100 art galleries are participating along with dozens of theatres and museums and countless artisans, performers, volunteers and gallery owners/staff have prepared to showcase something for everyone.  Whether you are hankering for our historical heritage, have a thirst for a modern masterpiece or simply want to explore, this week is for you.

Visit Denver has coordinated a wide range of exciting events and they are counting on us to join in all the fun.  For our purposes, I’m going to highlight 3 events, one event for each day of the weekend, that represent Denver’s Arts Week; Know Your Arts First Friday, Night Out at the Museums and Sunday on Stage.  However, I encourage you to investigate the countless activities happening through out the week. 

Kicking off Denver Arts Week is Know Your Arts First Friday, taking place on Friday, November 6, 2009.  Know Your Arts First Friday is the perfect event for an introduction into Denver’s local art scene and provides access to amazing art galleries Denver Arts Week logoand talented artists.  Did you know Denver has 7 art districts; ArtDistrict on Santa Fe, Cherry Creek North, Golden Triangle Museum District, Downtown Denver, RiNo (River North Art District), Tennyson Street and Belmar Block 7.  Each of these locations feature one-of-a kind galleries, hip artists and swank eateries.  If you’ve never participated in an art walk, you may want to pick a district that is nearest to you or start out with the ArtDistrict on Santa Fe.  If you didn’t already know, First Friday Art Walks take place every month and the galleries are open late, the atmosphere is festive and you may end up making this a monthly tradition.  For more information on Know Your Arts First Friday and for all the special events surrounding this special evening, visit    

If Dinner and a Movie sound routine you can’t miss Denver’s Night Out at the Museums.  On Saturday, November 7, 2009 from 5-10 PM, eleven museums will be open with FREE admission including the Denver Art Museum, Molly Brown House, Museum of Contemporary Art and Denver’s Museum of Nature and Science.  AND, FREE transportation is provided.  Shuttles start at 5:00 and leave from the Denver Art Museum and Cherry Creek Shopping Center.  Shuttle service ends at 10:00 PM.  For more information on Denver’s Night Out at the Museums, a fantastic surprise and transportation schedules, check out 

The third and last event I’m going to spotlight takes place on Sunday, November 8th.  Sunday on Stage is the showcase for performance art.  There will be opportunities to go behind the scenes and learn about the actors and dancers and how productions come together.  Several theatres and performing arts studios are offering free or discounted tickets for shows.  For example, The Denver Center Theatre Company is offering 2 for 1 tickets to “A Christmas Carol” for only $52.80.  Or, you can look into other discount tickets offered by the Ballet, Symphony or performances at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.  The Denver Performing Arts Complex open house is just one of the many events being held on Sunday.  Please visit the following link for more information regarding Sunday on Stage,

Kim HutchinsEnjoy and explore our plentiful art scene this week, indulge your inner virtuoso and stretch your imagination.  These events and our focus on the arts is one of the many reasons we love Denver.

Written by Perry & Co. Real Estate Agent Kim Hutchins

To whom it may concern,
I would like to commend to you my realtor, Carla Bartell, share with you my recent experiences with her in selling my house, and recount what a pleasure it was working with her.

As a physician I frequently tell my patients they should seek three important qualities in a provider: Competence, approachability and judgment. All three of these qualities excelled in Carla.

Carla BartellHer competence was outstanding. I found Carla consistently knowledgeable in all aspects of readying the house for market, placing it on the market and negotiating a price. She consistently guided me through the myriad of paperwork and signatures, explaining to me the purpose of each one, and making the process convenient by providing the necessary forms and methods of signature via computer. She aided me in pricing the house, and provided multiple suggestions to maximize the probability of selling the property at a reasonable price. When tasks required completion, such as cleaning or fireplace repair, she not only provided a list of competent services, but also called the vendors, arranged the work, and personally reviewed the results and reported back to me. Needless to say, the process here was virtually effortless form from my viewpoint, allowing me to proceed with my own busy day unimpaired.

Carla’s approachability was outstanding. She was always friendly, smart and immediately available whenever a question .arose. I received frequent updates on the progress of the viewings.

Perry & Co. Real Estate Professionals, Denver, CO - perryandco.comFinally, I believe an important quality in this transaction, was Carla’s judgment. Throughout the process of negotiation, I frequently found myself asking Carla, “What would you suggest?” Her recommendations were consistently accurate. As an example of her extra effort and judgment, at one point during the appraisal, Carla had me document a list of all property improvements I had made, and then personally met the appraiser during his visit to the property to accompanying him during the appraisal and be certain all the improvements were noted. I am convinced efforts like these played a critical role in the success of the selling the property.

In summary, then, I cannot commend Carla highly enough to you. She is a competent, hard-working, knowledgeable, pleasant and available agent, and I am convinced her judgment, competence and consistent hard work were critical factors in the success of selling my property.

Sincerely yours,
Bruce Morgenstern, MD

Perry & Co. Real Estate Professionals welcomes Eric Grauberger as a Broker Associate to our Main office in Cherry Creek.

Eric GraubergerEric is seasoned real estate professional who has been recognized annually by the Denver Board of Realtors as being in the top 10% of all metro area Realtors. A fifth generation Coloradoan, Eric knows the Denver Metro area extremely well and is deeply devoted to his roots here. Eric comes to Perry & Co. after 11 years at Fuller Sothebys.  A Realtor since 1990, Eric has built his business on referral, with over 90% of his business coming from past clients, their friends, and family. He enjoys working with first-time home buyers as well as sellers who find they move every couple of years. Having lived in Washington Park, Park Hill, and now Hilltop, Eric understands the complexities of the urban market. He has a unique ability to see potential where others see none. “I have first-hand knowledge when it comes to seeing potential as I have renovated several of my own homes. I can help my clients understand the process,” Eric explains. Eric’s business philosophy is short and simple … “Do your best and success follows”.

Perry & Co. Real Estate Professionals, Denver, CO - perryandco.comWe’re pleased to have Eric join us. His commitment to customer service and his experience in so many aspects of the real estate business make him a great addition to Perry & Co.,” said R. Don Larrance, President, Perry & Co. Real Estate Professionals.

Eric received his economics degree from California State, Fullerton. His business experience stems from working as a medical sales representative for E.I. DuPont. Involved in the community, Eric has sat on the Board of Directors for Habitat for Humanity and The Lundy Foundation; both non-profit organizations committed to securing homes for the less fortunate. He also served on the Board of Directors for the Denver Board of Realtors.

Leading Real Estate Companies of the WorldPerry & Co. Real Estate Professionals is a privately-held, independent real estate brokerage in Metro Denver with three locations, two of which are retail showcases for the company’s listings. They are the exclusive Regent for the Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate for the Metro area as well as an affiliate member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World.

For more information about Perry & Co., visit the website,, the blogsite or the Twitter site @perryandco for breaking news.

Written by Perry & Co. Marketing Director Lorrie Grillo.

(Note: Following up on our earlier post McStain Homes Files Bankruptcy, For purchasers whose homes are still under construction, McStain will be purchasing a 3rd party warranty.“)

As part of its operational reorganization in a lean economy, Colorado home-builder McStain Enterprises Inc. has partnered with ProHome Colorado to decrease costs for warranty service on all their new homes.

ProHome Colorado“ProHome not only assisted McStain during these lean times, but they will play a vital role in our recovery by saving us money on warranty administration,” David Ware, vice president of community development for McStain neighborhoods said. “McStain has been a self insured warrantor and it became apparent during the market crash facing our industry that we needed to find a way to save and pass those savings along to consumers.”

The bursting housing bubble has been a major factor in pushing the country into the worst recession in 70 years, and builders have responded by sharply cutting back on construction and looking for ways to save money.

“Usually it’s a 30-60 percent savings over having their own warranty department,” Bill Armstrong ProHome Colorado President said. “One of the things our building customers like most is that their phones stop ringing with warranty calls, we handle it for them.”

Perry & Co. Real Estate Professionals, Denver, CO - perryandco.comIn its September report, the US Commerce Department showed increasing strength in the construction industry with applications for building permits, considered a gauge of economic strength, up 2.7% in August. Industry experts say that this is partially due to home builders finding ways to cut costs while maintaining high levels of customer service. Construction of multifamily units surged 25.3% and most economists agree the overall recession has likely ended.

According to Armstrong, by saving money on their warranties, builders like McStain can pass savings along to consumers, and this can be an important part of their sales strategy in an economy just reaching recovery stages. This also gives builders more time to Bill Armstrong of ProHome Coloradofocus on business because their phones aren’t ringing with warranty claims and they have reduced liability exposure in dealing with the legalities of home warranties, Armstrong adds.

“Because ProHome Colorado is staffed with professionals who understand warranties, we can take the process, and the headaches that come with it, completely out of the builders’ hands. In the case of McStain, this allows them to focus more on building homes,” Armstrong said. “We’ll be clear with the homeowners about what is and is not covered.”

To contact Bill Armstrong of Pro Home Colorado call 303-679-9090. To contact David Ware from McStain Neighborhoods call 303-591-2937.

Four Mile Historic Park 2009 Pumpkin FestivalThe 2009 Pumpkin Harvest Festival & County Fair at the Four Mile Historic Park in Denver, October 3rd & 4th, drew record crowds!  Perry & Co. is proud to have been this year’s Presenting Sponsor for the annual crowd pleaser.

Did you know that the Four Mile Historic Park is named for its distance from the center of Denver, and is where the Pony Express riders exchanged their horses? And, that the nearly 10-acre site is preserved as a park with the existing farmhouse and some of the outbuildings? If Four Mile Historic Park 2009 Pumpkin Festival - Wagonsyou weren’t aware of these facts then you weren’t one of the 11,700 visitors to the park this past weekend during their annual Pumpkin Harvest Festival & County Fair. This historic park is one of Denver’s urban parks open to the public for free. The event raises money to keep the historic buildings restored and open to the public for tours and to run its myriad educational programs. In addition, Perry & Co. provided financial support by being the Presenting Sponsor of the event to ensure that all money raised went to supporting the future of the park.

Four Mile Historic Park 2009 Pumpkin Festival - Pumpkin Patch Kid“This was our first year sponsoring this event and we loved everything about being a part of it,” said R. Don Larrance, President, Perry & Co. Real Estate Professionals.

The park was buzzing with activities – from selecting a pumpkin from the huge “patch”; horse and buggy and wagon rides, pie-eating contests, gold panning to making your own scarecrow.

Four Mile Historic Park 2009 Pumpkin Festival - Scarecrow Building“I was greeting people and keeping count and couldn’t believe that 400 people arrived in the first hour – through the back gate,” exclaimed Dave Browning, Perry & Co. Broker Associate and Festival volunteer.

The event is becoming more popular every year with an increase by 1000 over last year’s attendance. One of the favorite activities is making your own scarecrow where piles of shirts, jeans and hats were waiting to be filled with hay stacked in Four Mile Historic Park 2009 Pumpkin Festival - Scarecrowsbales in the center of the park. Just look around your neighborhood and you may see a large scarecrow on your neighbor’s front porch – chances are they attended the Pumpkin Harvest Festival and County Fair on Saturday & Sunday, October 3rd & 4th, 2009.

“What a terrific job your volunteers did for the park at Pumpkin Fest – we had over 11,000 in the two days, and every one from Perry & Co. did a fantastic job of helping us host so many visitors. Four Mile Park really appreciates your support, and we are looking forward Four Mile Historic Park 2009 Pumpkin Festival - Chuckwagonto working with you on an ongoing basis – everyone who helped was a delight,” said Mary Jane Bradbury, Volunteer Coordinator at Four Mile Historic Park.

At Perry & Co. our tag line is “A Denver Tradition” and a partnership with Four Mile Historic Park is a wonderful and meaningful way to “walk the talk.”

Click here to see more pictures of the event.

Written by Perry & Co. Marketing Director Lorrie Grillo.

Perry & Co. Real Estate Professionals, Denver, CO - perryandco.comDenver’s Perry & Co. is the Title Sponsor of the 2009 Four Mile Historic Park Pumpkin Harvest Festival & County Fair October 3rd & 4th 10am to 4pm!

Click here for directions to the Four Mile House.

It’s time to select the pumpkin to adorn your front step and we’ve got the place: the Pumpkin Harvest Festival & Country Fair2009 Four Mile Historic Park Pumpkin Harvest Festival & County Fair this coming weekend at Four Mile Historic Park in Denver. Admission is free to this fun event with lots of activities for the entire family including – of course – the giant pumpkin “patch” with pumpkins of all shapes and sizes to select and purchase. This event, which drew thousands last year, has grown to include something for everyone (some activities have an additional cost):

  • Enter the pie eating contest!!
  • Get your photo taken at the kissing booth!
  • Make your very own scarecrow
  • Listen and dance to period music
  • Eat homemade caramel apples and other goodies
  • Visit with Mountain Men at their encampment.
  • Take a horse-drawn ride
  • Tour Four Mile House as the Booth family prepares for harvest.
  • Challenge your kids to a sack race!

2009 Four Mile Historic Park Pumpkin Harvest Festival & County Fair Caramel AppleOur city has so much to offer everyone and lots of activities are free or very little cost – in today’s economy, it’s important to remember that having fun doesn’t have to cost a lot of money,” said R. Don Larrance, President of Perry & Co.  Many Perry & Co. agents have set aside time to volunteer for the event – they’ll be the “cowboys and cowgirls” with the red bandanas on.

Perry & Co. has a history of supporting Denver’s Scientific and Cultural Facilities (SCFD) including the Denver Botanic Gardens, Museum of Nature & Science, Denver Zoo, L’Esprit de Noel in support of the Central City Opera and now, the Four Mile Historic Park.

For more information about this event click here for the brochure or go to

Written by Perry & Co. Marketing Director Lorrie Grillo.