Perry & Co. Real Estate Professionals, Denver, CO - perryandco.comCustomers, and Agents, are always asking us, “How many Hits does your real estate company website get?”  Well, the simple answer is that averaged about 1,500,000 ‘hits’ per month during 2008.  But Hits is a rather nebulous term, and it really doesn’t tell you much about how much traffic a website gets.  For instance, each picture on a webpage constitutes a ‘hit’, thus every time someone views the Meet Our Agents page, for example, our statistics package would register over 60 hits.  The point being, don’t be impressed when being told that a real estate website receives over a million hits a month, because by their very nature real estate websites are loaded with pictures (more pictures = more statistical hits). HomepageHowever, there are other web traffic terms that you may be familiar with that are meaningful – Visitors and Pageviews.  What you really want to know about a real estate company’s web traffic is how many people, or Visitors, are looking at homes for sale and how many property web pages they are viewing.  In 2008, averaged 1650 unique visitors per month, that’s about 55 people per day.  “Unique” in terms of web visitors, refers to a single person, regardless of the number of times that person visited the site.  The more telling statistic is Pageviews – averaged 35,000 property pageviews per month last year.  Doing the math tells us that on average every person who visited Perry & Co’s website looked at over 20 homes for sale. 


All these numbers may, or may not, be impressive when compared to our competitors, but they are only a fraction of the total internet exposure that each Perry & Co. real estate listing receives.  Have you heard the term “Listing Syndication?”  We syndicate our properties to over 20 other popular real estate websites such as AOL,, MSN, Yahoo, Zillow, Trulia, and Denver Post/Rocky Mtn News.  In fact, all Perry & Co. listings even appear on, as well as most of our other competitor’s websites through IDX.  That means that on virtually every website that a consumer might use for their home searches Perry & Co listings will appear. 


On alone, Perry & Co. listings receive over 120,000 Property Page Views per month.  Note: that is by far the most used real estate website in the US – they claim that near 80% of all Americans looking to purchase a new home will use (that’s why Perry & Co enhances all of our listings on  Additionally, Perry & Co. listings over $500,000 Member of Who's Who in Luxury Real Estateappear on – the world’s most viewed luxury real estate website.  Then there’s CraigsList.  We also talk about Denver real estate and homes for sale on our blogsite,, so the number of Perry & Co. Property Page Views just keeps climbing up and up.  In summation, we provide our clients’ properties maximum exposure.


So next time a real estate agent starts overwhelming you with statistics about how many Hits their website gets, ask them, “On which other websites do your real estate listings appear?”



Written by Perry & Co Vice President Jon Larrance

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