Denver’s Perry & Co. Realtors unveiled their two new Home For Sale yardsign designs this week to rave reviews by clients, consumers and the real estate community. The new sign design that is getting the most attention is referred to by Perry & Co. representatives as the “Brochure Sign”.

The Brochure Sign is a revolution in the way real estate is presented: a large easy-to-read property brochure on a sign. The second new sign design is a reformatted version of Perry & Co.’s unique black and white company branding, however the Realtors’ name, phone number, property Quick Response (or QR) Code and Text “NOW” to 59559 are all printed on one sign – minimalizing the need to clutter the yardsign with multiple sign riders.

The new “Brochure Sign” is yet another step in Perry & Co.’s push to go GREEN and to be at the forefront of real estate marketing. In 1996, Perry & Co. was one of the very first real estate companies in Denver to launch a website. Last March, Perry & Co. was the first Denver real estate company to launch a company-wide text messaging property info solution (Text “NOW” to 59559). In April 2010, Perry & Co. was the first real estate company west of the Mississippi to incorporate QR Codes into their printed materials and yard presentations. In October, Perry & Co. presented the Showcase Card to Denver Metro homebuyers. And now, Perry & Co. unleashes its new look “Brochure Sign” to coincide with the Denver company’s year long 40th Anniversary Celebration.

The 24×30″ Brochure Sign, conceived and designed by Perry & Co. COO Jon Larrance, incorporates up to three 12×7″ high-resolution, professionally photographed, interior pictures of the home. Additionally, the standard information that is on most property brochures – number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, and special features – is included on the new sign as well.

“Although it’s true that Perry & Co. is currently developing a Mobile App and a mobile specific website to be released this summer, for most homebuyers our new sign will make all other methods for getting instant property information near archaic. In fact, with the advent of our Brochure Sign you could call the antiquated brochure box totally obsolete,” Jon Larrance said. “However, all current Perry & Co. systems do compliment each other. For example, if you are standing in front off a home that has one of the Brochure Signs and want even more info you can still scan the QR Code and/or text NOW to 59559. And as always, you can telephone the Listing Agent directly to get the info you want with a human touch.”

The Perry & Co. Brochure Sign is just one more method to reach the diverse needs of today’s home-buying population – an obvious, albeit unconventional, solution to the consumer’s demand for instant information.

Perry & Co. CEO R. Don Larrance stated, “Let’s face it, the paper brochure box in front of a home is a tremendous waste of money and natural resources, but people still want to see large interior photos and features close up.”

“And you could almost say the traditional real estate website is becoming passé as the percentage of people who access property information from a desktop computer is diminishing every day,” added Perry & Co. Director of Marketing Lorrie Grillo referring to Google Analytics reports that show mobile internet access now accounts for around 20% of all web traffic, and that number is growing rapidly. “That’s what makes our new Brochure Signs so great. Everything you need, without actually entering the home, is right there for the customer to see without using any high-tech gadgets.”

Conclusion: The new Perry & Co. Brochure Sign is truly innovative in its simplicity, and its visual appeal, to the tech-savvy and the traditional homebuyers alike.

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