Michael Madsen and Jodi Rogers have joined Perry & Co. as Broker Associates in our Denver Cherry Creek North office.

Michael Madsen and Jodi Rogers, previously of the Madsen Team at Nostalgic Homes, have joined Perry & Co. as Broker Associates in the Cherry Creek North office. The two Broker Associates will remain as a team with a new name, Urban Legendary, sharing the business of listing and selling homes and working with buyers. “We compliment each other so well,” says Madsen. “With two members of a team working for each client, there’s never a time when one of us isn’t aware of what’s happening with a deal.”

Michael Madsen’s specialty is in knowing and working the market in urban neighborhoods with vintage homes. He doesn’t just work this market, he lives it: he is nearly finished restoring his own 110-year-old Denver home. A 15-year Coloradoan, Madsen has focused his real estate business in the historic neighborhoods on the West side of Denver: the Highlands, Berkeley, Sunnyside and Sloan Lake, where he plans to continue to share his expertise with clients. His move to Perry & Co. expands his business to encompass the historic central neighborhoods including Capitol Hill, Congress Park, Hilltop and Crestmoor, as well as downtown Denver. Working in the Cherry Creek North office of Perry & Co. allows him to stay close to his real estate roots while enjoying proximity to his new clients.  

Jodi Rogers joined Madsen in 2007 to specialize in matching buyers with their dream home. Denver has been her family’s home for four generations. Her passion is in educating clients about the process of buying a home, giving them current market information and helping them to set realistic expectations resulting in a closed deal. She credits parenting a toddler for her patience, her attention to detail and her joy. “Buying a new home should be one of the happiest experiences of your life. I try to make that happen,” says Rogers.

Moving to Perry & Co. was a perfect time for the duo to change their team name to the Urban Legendary team with the tag line, Urban Homes, Legendary Service.We decided to make our team name speak to what we do,” said Madsen.  

Their reputation for integrity, experience and hard work was really what sold us on Michael and Jodi,” said Heather Parness, President & Managing Broker for Perry & Co. “They come to us not only as a team, but as team players. Already they’ve helped out our other brokers by volunteering for open houses and floor time. We’re thrilled to have their high, positive energy.”  


For more information about the Urban Legendary team, Michael Madsen and Jodi Rogers go to http://perryandco.com or visit them at Perry & Co.’s Cherry Creek North office, 2902 E. Third Ave., Denver, CO 80206, or call 303.399.7777.


3 Responses to “Denver Real Estate: Madsen & Rogers Become Part Of “A Denver Tradition””

  1. 1 Jennie

    We recently sold our house in Sunnyside through Jodi and Michael. They were amazing with directions and resources to prepare our home for sale and we sold it in 8 days with a full price offer. Jodi found our new home the next day and the whole process was over in 30 days. They are a great team and we are thankful for all they did for our transition. Jodi keeps her word about a happy experience! Perry & Co. is a great match with Michael and Jodi.

  2. 2 Jeff Berger

    Congratulations Michael and Jodi on a great move!

  3. 3 Perry & Co. Real Estate Professionals

    Thanks for the comment Jennie! We appreciate the great energy that Michael & Jodi have bought to the company.

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