Charles “Chuck” Anderson Celebrates 40 Years With Perry & Co. Realtors… That’s Legendary!


Chuck Anderson celebrates 40 years in Denver real estate and 40 years with Perry & Co. “A Denver Tradition”.

What makes a legend? Epic stories of heroics, courage in the face of adversity, tenacity and longevity, humility and humor. We have a legend in our midst, and he’s still going strong. On October 31st, 2011, Charles “Chuck” Anderson celebrated his 40th year with Perry & Co. Chuck has been working with clients, and now their children, since he began his real estate career by joining a new Denver real estate company, Perry & Co., in 1971. That “new” entity celebrated its 40th Anniversary as a privately-held, locally-owned real estate company last month.

R. Don Larrance, Owner and CEO of Perry & Co. says, “Chuck has been a great asset to the company and a good friend for all these years. And I look forward to working with Chuck for many more years.”

A definite “people person”, Chuck was working as a buyer for the Denver Dry Goods department store (prior to Perry & Co.) where he found he had a talent for listening to his customers. His strong interest in design brought him to real estate where he found his passion and flourished. He considers himself a partner with his clients in finding and selling their homes. His strong repeat and referral business has kept him busy for four decades, and he’s sanguine about today’s market – because he’s seen it all!

In addition to selling real estate in the Denver Metro area, Chuck stays active in many community organizations – serving on the Boards for Big Brothers Big Sisters, United Way, Savio House, and the Denver Lions Club. His active lifestyle includes biking, tennis, sailing, roller-blading, gardening and duplicate Bridge playing.

His fellow Realtors and staff have this to say about Chuck:
Chuck is one of the most positive and supportive people I know. Ask him a question about anything and he’ll stop what he is doing, get up and go find the answer for you. I love Chuck!” – Karen Nichols, Associate Broker, Perry & Co.

I always look forward to seeing Chuck in the office – his warm greetings and generous smile make everyone feel welcome. I’m looking forward to seeing Chuck around Perry & Co. for a few more decades” – Carla Bartell, Associate Broker, Perry & Co.

Chuck can make you smile no matter what kind of day you are having. He’s caring, funny and smart. He’s one of my favorite people in the world!” – Lorrie Webb Grillo, Vice President of Marketing, Perry & Co.

I think Chuck knows every house in the city. If you ask him about a house on a particular block he’ll say, ‘Oh yea, west side, three houses down, red brick. Cute house. So-and-so lives there.’ He has tons of knowledge and experience, but it is his personality that we all truly love. On the rare occasion he doesn’t come into the office his presence is greatly missed. We love his boisterous greetings, funny jokes and burst of song. The company wouldn’t be the same without him.” – Jennifer Schell, Licensed Real Estate Assistant/Associate Broker, Perry & Co.

13 Responses to “Charles “Chuck” Anderson Celebrates 40 Years With Perry & Co. Realtors… That’s Legendary!”

  1. 1 Eric Grauberger

    Perry & Co. wouldn’t be the same without Chuck’s ever smiling face in the office daily! How can it be 40 years? The man doesn’t look a day over 50. Congrats Chuck… you are THE BEST!
    Eric Grauberger

  2. 2 Jodi Rogers

    Congrats Chuck, what would we do without that sense of humor.

  3. 3 Mary Sullivan-Ridge

    Congratulations Chuck! I heartily second all the wonderful things said about you. I am honored to be working with and thoroughly enjoy your fabulous sense of humor.
    Mary Sullivan-Ridge, Associate Broker, Perry & Co.

  4. 4 Sue Evans

    You’ve been brightening my day for many years now. Thanks for adding so much sunshine and humor to our office.
    Sue Evans

  5. 5 Boe Sullivan

    I have known and worked with Chuck for 30-something of those 40 years and he has helped me greatly over the years. I place great value on friendship and consider myself fortunate to count Chuck as a good friend.
    Boe Sullivan

  6. 6 Lisa

    Rollerblading? Who knew!!! But no surprise, knowing Chuck. Chuck, you rock and we love you!!!
    Lisa and Wade

  7. 7 Palmer Pekarek

    A great individual and professional realtor. Chuck has helped me with rental properties, sold my mother several homes, and has been a great help to many of my friends. You’re the best Charlie!
    Palmer Pekarek

  8. 8 Lynne Gertz

    How do you do it!!! Always a smile and a greeting. You are a treat to be around and we all adore you. Congratulations on 40 years!
    Lynne Gertz

  9. 9 Lindsay Filsinger

    40 years that is amazing!! Chuck I am honored to know you and have been friends with you!! 40 more, no problem!!! Lindsay Filsinger

  10. 10 Brooke Granville

    Congrats, Chuck! Love the sunny afternoons you ride your bike to our office in Cherry Creek North just to stop in and say hello and brighten our day! You’re the best! So happy I am a part of Perry & Co. and you!

  11. 11 Michael Madsen

    Congratulations Chuck – that is amazing AND inspiring! Keep up the great work!
    Michael Madsen

  12. 12 Betsy Lutz

    Chuck — fantastic – 40 years! You sold my first home in l974 — remember!!! We will go over the details about the house later – I am sure you remember all including the green shag! Keep that smile – it brightens everyone’s day. Lots of memories, Chuck – across the main aisle of the Denver Dry! Your attitude is fabulous and thanks for all your advice over the years!

  13. 13 Aram Arakelyan

    Congratulations Chuck – You are amazing and inspiring!
    Aram Arakelyan
    Your LA Broker For Life!

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