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Perry & Co. Real Estate Professionals is proud to announce our newest agent, Kathy O’Donnell Gibson!  After 15 years as a Broker & Co-Owner at Re/Max Cherry Creek Kathy makes the move to Perry & Co.

Kathy O'Donnell GibsonPerry & Co. is pleased to welcome Kathy O’Donnell Gibson as a Broker Associate in their Cherry Creek Main office. Kathy has been a real estate professional since 1989.  At Re/Max Cherry Creek she became and continues to be a consistent member of the Denver Board of Realtors’ Million Dollar Roundtable. A fifth-generation Denver native, Kathy brings an in-depth knowledge of the Metro areas’ schools and neighborhoods. Her marketing and advertising background has helped her to build a strong business as a listing agent and buyer’s agent with nearly 100% from personal referral.  Kathy’s motto, “Bringing Experience to Your Doorstep” speaks volumes to her personal commitment to the business of real estate.

Perry & Co. Real Estate Professionals, Denver, CO - perryandco.comPerry & Co., established in 1971, continues to be one of Denver’s Top 5 privately-held, locally-owned, independent real estate companies in Denver. The company has a strong corporate philanthropy program including support for local schools, the Denver Botanic Gardens, Four-Mile Historic Park, and the Central City Opera. 

Kathy brings such positive energy to our family,” says Don Larrance, President of Perry & Co. “Her commitment to her clients, her exceptional record of referral business and her generous volunteering make her a very welcome addition.” 

Kathy’s past and present community involvements include the Junior League of Denver, Newborn Hope, Children’s Miracle Network, and the Central City Opera.

Kathy Gibson can be reached at her new office at Perry & Co. Real Estate Professionals, 101 S. Madison St., Denver, CO 80209, 303.336.4746, . Click here to see Kathy’s listings on

Written by Perry & Co Real Estate Professionals

This is Part 2 of 3 of A Real Estate Feng Shui Analysis.  Click here to read Part 1.

You and your seller have walked through the first part of their Feng Shui Analysis and you’ve left them with a tough assignment: to emotionally say good-bye to their house.  If they’ve taken this step, however, your job of helping them to de-personalize the house and prepare it for showings will be easier.  Let’s look at this process through feng-shui eyes.

De-personalize: Removing the unwanted personal items to make the house more desirable to someone else. This term sounds so . . . surgical.  So in our Feng Shui consult, let’s forget “de-personalize” – nobody wants to live in a house that’s not personal.  There is nothing so personal as one’s own home.  New owners will want a very personal space. So let’s call this process of preparing a home for sale what it really is: it’s a makeover, not extreme like on TV, but a makeover to present the house in its best light for its new owners.  Your listing needs to be Perry & Co. Real Estate Professionals, Denver, CO - perryandco.comready for its close up, because every showing will be a close-up viewing. From the moment the potential buyers see your home from the road as they’re parking their car, you want the energy to be inviting, welcoming and beckoning.

How do you help your sellers to start the “makeover?  First, by projecting them into their next home.  Ask them to start thinking about where they’re going and why.  When you recommend removing some of the family Before showing your home pack away all the personal photosphotos on the surfaces and walls of their house, it’s not about putting them out of sight, it’s about packing them up for the move and allowing potential buyers the opportunity to see the rooms without scrutinizing the faces in the photos.  Your job is to help your clients identify the personal things that may distract potential buyers; invariably those items are personal sacred objects, so you will need to tread lightly. According to feng shui, objects hold energy and share energy with us.  You’re asking them to pack up those objects that hold their personal energy to allow potential buyers to imagine their objects holding the space.  Make sure and scrutinize the front and back of the home and the garage – there are no hidden places in Feng Shui; all are equally important.  As you’re helping your clients with suggestions about the makeover make sure and tell them that you’ll take pictures afterward for the brochure and marketing materials.  The sellers will understand how important the makeover process is to marketing their (former) home. 

SOLD sign rider in garage.One way to support your sellers in their packing up and clearing away is to bring them a Sold rider to put in their garage during the listing process so they can see it every time they come and go.  Tell them it’s ready to put up when the deal is signed.  Make a copy of their flyer or brochure with a large SOLD banner across it that they can post on their refrigerator.  Seeing leads to believing!

It goes without saying that a clean, de-cluttered house is much more appealing to a potential buyer.  Remind your clients to open their windows, sweep the porch, clap in the corners, spritz the baseboards with water and essential oils (easily purchased at a bath and body store) and clean the furniture with lemon oil before a showing.  A house that smells clean is a house that’s ready to move into.   

Perry & Co. Marketing Director Lorrie GrilloWhat about empty homes for sale? Feng Shui practices that help are discussed next in Part 3.  Click here to go back to Part 1.

Written by Perry & Co. Marketing Director Lorrie Grillo. Lorrie is a certified Practitioner of Essential Feng Shui, a designation of the Western School of Feng Shui in Solano Beach, California.

Sunnyside still feels like an old-fashioned neighborhood – with a plethora of mature trees, beautiful Victorian houses, and local charm that’s often under-appreciated amongst the popularity of Highlands.  It’s the kind of neighborhood where people sit on their front porches, kids play in the streets, and generations of families add to the diversity on each block.  You’re likely to know your neighbor on a first name basis.  Not only does Sunnyside provide the feel of a historic neighborhood, but the location can’t be beat!  You’re just minutes away from Berkeley, Highlands, Riverfront, Lodo and Coors Field – in addition, there’s easy access to I-70 and I-25. 

Gallop CafeFor those leisurely Sunday mornings, walk to one of the many great neighborhood coffee shops for a variety of fresh brewed coffees, teas and homemade breakfast items.  Gallop Café makes for the perfect java stop – be sure to bring your dog too, because there are water bowls and plenty of space on the patio to tie up your favorite furry friend, pets are always welcome, as with many of the local restaurants/shops.

Speaking of pets, be sure to check out the Berkeley Dog Park.  There you can let your dog run and play off leash, while socializing with people from the neighborhood and their pets. 

Stop in to Carbone’s Italian Market & Deli for a lunch featuring imported and domestic sausages, pastas, olive oils, and other Italian goods.  Originally from the East Coast, I’m something of a Italian sub fanatic.  Some of the best Italian and Mexican restaurants are located in Northwest Denver, and Carbone’s is one place you can always count on for authentic Italian eats.

VitaWith great views of the city, spend 4th of July and New Year’s Eve watching fireworks from the rooftop of Lola, Vita, or other popular roof top decks in Sunnyside or the neighboring Highlands area.

Hop on your bike, or throw on your running shoes, and take the new pedestrian bridge over to Riverfront to enjoy a trek along the trail system stemming from the REI flagship store.  Whether you decide on a beautiful jaunt along the Cherry Creek Trail or head in the direction of Invesco Field to take in the sites along the Platt River, it’s a great way to de-stress after a long and hectic workday. 

Nancy ThompsonAs a long time resident in Denver, I’ve experienced life in many different neighborhoods in the city, and what a pleasant surprise to find my “home” in Sunnyside.

Written by proud Sunnyside resident Nancy Thompson

Perry & Co. Real Estate Professionals, Denver, CO - perryandco.comThe Denver Building Department has announced it’s “Home Renovation Bonanza” in order to encourage homeowners to improve their properties and stay in their current homes longer by waiving construction permit fees. 

Now is the time to get busy on those summer projects!  For a limited time, June 1 – 15, 2009, Denver is issuing FREE construction permits to homeowners, and licensed contractors, for qualified home improvements or repairs to existing one and two family dwellings, which can increase the value of the home.  In order to benefit from the free permits, you must submit your plans for review no later than the June 15th deadline.  Like all Denver renovation permits, you must complete the work within 180 days of issuance or be required to reapply at the standard permit rates.

Denver residents get 291 free building permits halfway through 2-week program!

A variety of home improvements are covered by the Home Renovation Bonanza, including:

  • Interior Remodeling such as Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, or Basement Remodeling.
  • Roof Covering Repair or Replacement.
  • Replacement of water heaters and central heating and air systems.
  • Exterior Remodeling such as Stucco or Siding.
  • Insulation.

Check out the Denver Building Department website for more info on the Home Renovation Bonanza and what type of work qualifies. 

For expert advice on the anticipated return value of home improvements please contact your Perry & Co. Agent.

This is Part 1 of 3 of A Real Estate Feng Shui Analysis.  Click here to jump to Part 2, or Part 3.

You’ve gotten the call and it goes something like this:  “We’re thinking about putting our house on the market to see what will happen.  We’re not sure if we really want to sell right now because of the market, but we want to know what it Perry & Co. Real Estate Professionals, Denver, CO - perryandco.comcould sell for.”  As a real estate agent, this is a call you love to get – an opportunity to work with new or former clients and show them your expertise at pricing, reviewing their home versus the competition, showing them your marketing savvy and implementation and your follow-up – and that’s all before you really go to work:  negotiating that sales contract.  But if they are sitting on the fence:  “We’ll sell if we can get our price,”  they might not really be ready to sell.  And, you could take a listing that may linger. 

Feng Shui PatioEvery real estate agent I know has their own determining factors on whether or not they want to take a listing.  One such factor you may not have thought of is a Feng Shui analysis with the homeowner.  Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of object placement in an environment to change the energy of the space and ultimately of the people using the space; in this case, a Feng Shui analysis’ purpose is to create positive energy which leads to a home sale. 

The first step in this kind of analysis is for the Feng Shui practitioner to ask the sellers some questions about their goals for selling their home.  Are they looking for a quick sale so they can move before the start of the school year?  Will one person have to move first and settle somewhere else while other members of the family stay put until the house sells?  Are they downsizing or upsizing due Feng Shui Officeto family circumstances?  All of the answers will help the Feng Shui practitioner make recommendations that will help the sellers to reach their specific goals.

A most important aspect of a Feng Shui analysis with a seller is to ascertain their connectedness to their space and their willingness to say good-bye to the house as a whole, and/or to each room specifically.  This process – whether formal and vocal or informal and silent – is very personal and can be deeply moving for owners but it helps them to begin to see themselves in a new way:  as sellers of the home instead of its owners.  New owners will be invited and welcomed in as the space is cleared; the process begins with this good-bye.  It can be a very powerful experience for all family members. 

Feng Shui Family RoomA Feng Shui practitioner can give agents and sellers some guidelines for detaching from a home, but there aren’t any right ways of saying good-bye.  The process should feel natural and comfortable.  Some ideas include:

  • having each family member write a poem, sing a song or make a drawing about an experience of being in the home and sharing that with other family members
  • lighting candles and saying a blessing
  • inviting friends over for a farewell party, announcing your intention of leaving the space but maintaining your circle of friends.

Once the owners have said their good-byes, there are space-Perry & Co. Marketing Director Lorrie Grilloclearing measures and Feng Shui practices that will help potential buyers to feel welcomed into the space. 

See Part 2 of the Real Estate Feng Shui Analysis.  Or click here to skip to Part 3.

Written by Perry & Co. Marketing Director Lorrie Grillo.  Lorrie is a certified Practitioner of Essential Feng Shui, a designation of the Western School of Feng Shui in Solano Beach, California.

McStain Homes files for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy after 45 years in business, stating “McStain will no longer be able to service your new home warranty.”

McStain NeighborhoodsMcStain Homes announced today that they have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on May 28th, 2009.  The workout plan McStain is proposing is “to operate within the bankruptcy to complete and sell the homes that are finished or under construction using a small remaining group of key employees. (The Indian Peaks South Neighborhood and several recent homes under construction are operated in separate LLCs and are not a part of the Chapter 11.)”

Today’s press release from McStain owners Tom & Caroline Hoyt outlined that those of you who have purchased McStain homes, this filing means that McStain will no longer be able to service your new home warranty. You will now be responsible for calling your own service people when you have a problem. The names and numbers of the key contractors McStain used to build each home are listed inside one of the kitchen cabinet doors. For purchasers whose homes are still under construction, McStain will be purchasing a 3rd party warranty.

Please contact your Perry & Co. Agent with questions of how the McStain Bankruptcy may effect you, or for a list of reputable 3rd Party Home Warranty companies.

Jon Larrance of Perry & Co.Perry & Co. Vice President Jon Larrance has been nominated for the Denver Board of Realtors‘ 2009 Director Election.  (Click here to read Jon’s Campaign Statement.)

Denver Board of Realtors’ members, primary or secondary, in good standing will elect three Directors for three year terms, which run from October 1, 2009 to September 30, 2012. The DBR Director election will take place July 15, 2009.

Denver Board of RealtorsThe following candidates have been selected by the Nominating Committee and approved by the current Board of Directors.

  • Jetta Brouker, ZipRealty
  • Tony Cline, Cliffdwellers
  • Greg Geller, Vision Real Estate
  • Jon Larrance, Perry & Co.
  • Charles Roberts, Your Castle
  • Ellen Smirnoff, Keller Williams DTC
  • Vafa Sohi, Luxe Group

Realtor LogoCongratulations to all the candidates! Candidate bios and photos will be included in the July 2009 issue of The Denver REALTOR® newsletter. Ballots will be mailed and emailed at the end of June 2009.

Jon Larrance of Perry & Co.Jon Larrance, Vice President of Perry & Co., has been nominated for the Denver Board of Realtors‘ 2009 Director Election.

Campaign Statement: “I joined Perry & Co. in 2002 as the Director of Technologies, which was a perfect fit after 14 years as Owner of a video and web production business during which I wrote and produced over 100 real estate training videos and dozens of real estate company websites. I am a second generation Denver native and a second generation Realtor®.

Denver Board of Realtors

“In my current position at Perry & Co. as Vice President, my responsibilities include staff management, relocation, training, and IT. I am active in Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate as an Executive Director on the Board of Regents, and the Denver Board of Realtors’ Ethics Committee. I routinely teach technology classes to the Who’s Who members. I am also an active blogger – my “Information For Realtors” articles can be read at 

“My goals as a DBR Director are to uphold the highest standard of Realtor® ethics, foster the greater use of technology, and promote Denver in the international markets. 

“I hope you take the opportunity to introduce yourself to, or Google, your candidates to learn more about each of us.”

933 South Euclid Way, Denver, CO 80209No need to “Sneak a Peek at Bonnie Brae’s Newest Tudor” as the house located at 933 S. Euclid Way is now complete!  The 3300+ square foot home comes complete with an outdoor fire pit and built in gas grill perfect for all of your entertaining needs.  Not only is there a wonderful gathering place outside, but the open floorplan lends itself to entertaining mounds of people in the state of the art all Viking kitchen.  The home located on one of Bonnie Brae’s most storybook streets is just one block to Bonnie Brae Park and only three short blocks to the legendary Bonnie Brae Ice Cream, Bonnie Brae Tavern and the Eugene Field Library.  This five bedroom five bathroom home including finished basement has nearly 4500 finished square foot home is competitively priced at $1,325,000.  Come take a look, you will not be disappointed!

Written by Perry & Co Real Estate Agent Courtney Ranson

2225 Buchtel Blvd, #912, Denver, CO 80210

Step inside this Pottery Barn Perfect home, Z Gallery hip condo.  The views from the moment you step inside the condo will take your breath away!  Located just a stone’s throw from The University Light Rail Station, University of Denver and a short car ride from Cherry Creek Shopping District this easily accessible condo allows for great access for all that  Denver has to offer. 2225 Buchtel Blvd #912 is competitively priced at only 225,000!  Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, two deeded parking spots and the best of all this unit comes with a million view!  This DU condo has it all: a central location, a rock bottom price, and a functional living space.

Written by Perry & Co Real Estate Agent Courtney Ranson